1:35 Jeff and Renee talk about their past and how they got together
1:54 How long have you been in business?
4:26 Tell us about the size of your team and how your team works.
6:44 Are you all in Orlando or have you branched out to other areas?
8:19 What is your secret to growing your business?
11:00 The importance of relationships in our business.
12:45 How to incorporate video into your marketing and getting beyond the fear of video. 
15:35 How Jeff and Renee started with video and how to leverage it.
19:14 What are your favorite things to do to “love” on your clients?
21:52 Where do you find most of the agents who are on your team?
23:58 What originally attracted you to eXp?
26:07 Is there anything about eXp that you didn’t like at first?
30:22 Talk about your daily schedule and how you make it work day to day.
33:34 What would be your one piece of advice for a new agent?
36:47 What’s your focus for this year?