Today, Brian is talking with Rick Raanes, who was influential in helping BlueFuse move to eXp Realty.  

2:45 Tell us about yourself and your background.

5:08 How many agents are on your team today?

6:52 Rick talks about the time he had a 7-hour listing presentation!

7:55 On Facebook, I see you engage in a lot of varied groups and pages, do you have a system for doing that?

13:28 You often speak about hustle vs. skill. Why are you focused more on the skill side?

16:50 Let’s go back to when you started the team. Tell me why you started to build the teams and what was your thought process behind that?

23:12 We talk about scalability of your business.

25:58 What made you reevaluate your options and move over to eXp Realty?

28:17 What’s something you don’t like about eXp Realty?

30:52 What’s your favorite thing to do to “love” on your past clients?

32:11 Where does most of your business come from?

If anyone wants to reach out to Rick, or call me at 281-690-1900.